Front End Developer +
Sometimey Designer +
Hero of Kvatch


My name is Lawrence.
+ I’m a front end developer.
+ I also do SOME design.
+ And yes, I am also the Hero of Kvatch
+ (+10 cool points if you get that reference)

Talking Face Image

“I’ve been developing websites for a while now. I made my first one back when you needed a college email address to use Facebook. Granted it wasn’t pretty, but that was my first taste. Although I feel I have some design chops, I’m more comfortable with a screen full of code, good tunes, and a decent room temperature.”

Weapons of
Lightbulb HTML 5 Lightbulb Webstorm
Lightbulb CSS 3 Lightbulb Chrome Dev Tools
Lightbulb Javascript Lightbulb Firebug
Lightbulb Jquery Lightbulb Photoshop
Talk Bubble
  • I get bored when I'm not challenged.
  • I read about javascript frameworks for entertainment.
  • If I'm stuck, I have to remind myself to take a break.
  • I'm not afraid of things I don't know and I actively look for them.
  • I believe that most things can be learned given time and enthusiasm.
  • I'm all about cookie dough ice cream or red velvet cake or both at once.