Front End Developer +
Sometimey Designer +
Hero of Kvatch


My name is Lawrence.
+ I’m a front end developer, designer, and ux researcher.
+ I do some teaching when I have time.
+ And yes, I am also the Hero of Kvatch
+ (+10 cool points if you get that reference)

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“I’ve been developing websites for a while now. I made my first one back when you needed a college email address to use Facebook. Granted it wasn’t pretty, but that was my first taste. Due to my insatiable curiosity, I've gravitated from design, to development, to ux research.”

Weapons of
Lightbulb HTML 5 Lightbulb Webstorm
Lightbulb CSS 3 Lightbulb Chrome Dev Tools
Lightbulb Javascript Lightbulb Firebug
Lightbulb Jquery Lightbulb Photoshop
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  • I'm driven by a mixture of curiosity and self competitiveness.
  • I read about javascript for entertainment.
  • If I'm stuck, I have to remind myself to take a break.
  • I'm not afraid of things I don't know and I actively look for them.
  • I believe that most things can be learned given time and enthusiasm.
  • I'm all about cookie dough ice cream or red velvet cake or both at once.